Where are the Bitcoin ATMs in Northern Ireland?

We’re trying to collate a list of Bitcoin ATMs in Northern Ireland, to add to a resource page.

So far I only know of 2, neither of which I’ve managed to visit. One in supposedly in Castlecourt and the other is at Ashleigh’s Nails & Beauty on Dee Street in East Belfast.

I’m hoping to do a review of both shortly.

Never seen a Bitcoin ATM in NI. Be intrigued to see if these 2 are real and what their actual usage level is like? And what fees are too?! More onboarding methods the better as using exchanges isn’t the most straightforward for noobs (provided users aren’t getting screwed over on fees at the atms)

The CastleCourt ATM isn’t there anymore

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The one in Ashleigh’s Nails & Beauty is definitely real, I was talking with the owner. (well, this is true as of late 2021)