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General Discussion

Use this area to discuss general topics including global Bitcoin news, memes, the latest FUD, price action, etc. If you have topics that could better fit in one of our more specific categories, please start them there!

Buy / Sell / Trade

Discussions about buying, selling or trading Bitcoin. What websites and services do you currently use? Where has the best deals? Any bad experiences? Interested in peer to peer trading?

Bitcoin in Northern Ireland

Let’s shine a light on Bitcoin in Northern Ireland. Do you know any businesses accepting Bitcoin/Lightning? Any meetups or events happening? Is anyone developing any Bitcoin tech?
3 Post Discussions

This category contains separate discussions threads for for all the posts published on the main NIBitcoin website.

Suggestions & Feedback

NI Bitcoin aims to be a user-led community and this is the place to make suggestions about the website, this forum, possible events, etc. Speak up!

Why Bitcoin?

Discuss the ideology, economics and philosophy of Bitcoin and its place in the world. Why does a fixed supply of 21 million Bitcoin matter? How does Bitcoin help the financially oppressed? What about money laundering? What about the environment?

What is Bitcoin?

Practical questions about how Bitcoin and its blockchain actually work. How the rules are enforced? What is bitcoin mining? What is proof of stake? etc.

The Tech Corner

Do you want to run a bitcoin node, setup a wallet or send money by lightning? This is the place to discuss the practicalities of actually using Bitcoin and all the technology it supports.