Altcoins worth it or not?

Are you actively buying any thing other than BTC?

Sorry, I somehow missed this question when it was first posted.

I really consider altcoins in quite a different class to bitcoin, which stands on its own solving the problem of digital hard money. Altcoins are generally linked to projects working on decentralised computing, decentralised finance, nfts, etc.

I see Bitcoin as head and shoulders above them in terms of investment security. I see alts as a speculative gamble by comparison, but with the associated potential huge upsides.

I’m not a bitcoin maximalist though and I’m happy to speculate a small % on the decentralised computing / defi / nft themes, just as i’m willing to speculate a bit on stocks etc.

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Hi guys,

This is my first post here. First of all, it’s great to see crypto trading going on in Northern Ireland.

I am 100% an alt coin trader and make a full time living trading alt coins.

I have over this past 18 months become so accustomed to trading alts that the idea of even discussing whether or not alts are worth it is ridiculous to me. I’ll not tell you what I’m earning but it is more than my former salary as a marketing executive.

Anyway, guys would love to meet you all at some stage and share some trading strategies. Really motivated to see the efforts being made to connect traders in NI.