How i recovered my stolen bitcoin without been stolen again

I’m so glad that I have gotten all my funds back without any stress thanks to CYBERPUNK recovery team. For me, am posting this review because I want to be of help to someone out there going through a lot to recover their bitcoin even though many people told me it’s impossible. I invested about $132,000 from a Binary Operation company I found on Telegram. After much depositing, I decided to withdraw after several weeks but the withdrawal wasn’t successful. I contacted the binary operation through their email and phone number, though I didn’t get any response from them and that was when everything clicked that I was scammed. Some weeks later I got a mail from them insisting I should invest more money if I want to withdraw my money which I rejected, and I never heard from them again. I was really devastated at this moment and felt so bad that my hard earned money was gone. Then I was introduced to this wonderful recovery team Called CYBERPUNK recovery team by my church lead choir so I emailed them and explained to them about what happened and all I had to do was to follow their instructions so they can help me recover my funds which they did and i got all my money back i am so so happy i decided to share my good news for those that are having same issues contact Cyberpunk via Email : cyberpunk1 @ cyberservices . com