Help needed with potential scam

Hi Folks, I hope someone can be of some help to me. Firstly I’ll admit that I know very little about crypto etc so please go easy on me.

I’ve been trading through Chronovalor (yes I hear you take a deep breath) they have recently closed my account due to my investment being too small.

They helped me set up a Kraken account and processed the funds from my chronovalor account to my Kraken account (around £2500). During this process for me to prove I was a “legitimate” trader I needed to place £2800 into my Kraken account which I did (stupidly) and purchased Bitcoin with it.

It now turns out that I require to place an additional £3000 into Kraken which is 75% of the funds I am due to receive to show that the money being received isn’t fraudulent.

Am I right in thinking I’m potentially being scammed or is this a completely normal process?

Thanks for any advice you can offer me!

this is a scam for sure.