Topics for meetups?

Hi Guys,

We’re really keen to pull together a list of topics to discuss at future meetups. If you’ve any questions you want answered or concepts explained let us know. If there are any topics you’d like to give a talk on then that’d be great too.

Let us know your favourites and we can prioritise accordingly!
Do you feel you’d like to tackle one of them yourself and give a talk?

I will curate the conversation below and update the following list to provide a live list of topics.

  • Running a Node, or how an individual can help validate/secure the Bitcoin network [hodl833]
  • Tax implications of owning bitcoin
  • Bitcoin & El Salvador [brian]
  • What is Bitcoin? An overview.
  • How does blockchain work?
  • Why are the other cryptocurrencies not better?
  • Does it not use too much energy?
  • Can the government just turn it off?
  • How do I buy bitcoin?
  • How do I self custody bitcoin?

Morning Richard, one topic I think is important is “How can an individual help validate/secure the Bitcoin network itself”

This may not be of immediate concern to the new entrant who is thinking about buying bitcoin but once you own some, it makes sense to understand that you can make the network even more robust by following just a few steps.

Whilst running a mining rig is out of the reach of most new entrants these days, running a node and validating blocks is not. explaining how quick and easy it is to set up a node on an old laptop or even a Raspberry pi could be an interesting topic to discuss some night.


Great idea for a topic. It’s this something you’d be interested in helping present?

Makes me think that if momentum keeps up we could have 2 tracks… one for beginners and one for intermediate.

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I would be keen to learn more about the tax implications of owning bitcoin/altcoins - I want to make sure that I don’t end up paying more than I need to!

Yeah no problem, I would be happy to give a short talk on this and even a demo. I have an Umbrel node currently running so could also run through that and show some of the hardware required.

will have a chat at the next meet.


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Currently, there are no tax implications to purely owning bitcoin. if you buy and sell, making a profit then you are liable for capital gains tax.

There are different tax liabilities for businesses that accept bitcoin as payment and for miners.

As you can imagine this is not individual tax advice. :slight_smile:


@Grant I definitely think the tax implications are worthy of a dedicated thread. Any time you switch from BTC to GBP or other altcoins etc you’ll trigger a taxable event. There is also some good software options for helping you calculate liabilities etc.

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Thanks Richard - I only discovered that every transaction was a taxable event after DCAing altcoin profits, and swapping them into BTC, 100’s of times across 3 exchanges. I hope I haven’t cost myself too much already! I would be interested to hear from anyone that has tried using crypto taxation software - or indeed any alternative way of managing profits.

Hey Grant, lets move this specific topic onto a dedicated thread… i’ve went ahead and created one - What are the tax implications of buying and selling Bitcoin?