Accoring to recent 2021 study there are 56 million millionaires in the world

Accoring to recent 2021 study there are 56 million millionaires in the world, so that means each millionaire could only have 37.5% of a Bitcoin, assuming all 21 million Bitcoin still exist. Most estimates suggest up to 5 million coins may have been forever lost in the early days… which means if you can get your hands on just 0.3 of a Bitcoin now you’ll have more than what all the millionaires in the world will be able to afford if they all try to buy some in the future.

We’re still so early!

Source is recent Credit Suisse report - List of countries by the number of millionaires - Wikipedia

Network adoption viewed against macro trends vindicates current momentum. Getting from no-coiner to 0.3 should definitely be a goal to guarantee one’s financial future.

Zero to 0.3 is very achievable! How long long do you think until the “achievable” becomes the “not so achievable” for most people?

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Welcome Frenchy! Just today it has felt like there have been big moves into the mainstream. Mastercard now working with Baakt to facilitate bitcoin payments. A South Korean pension fund has bought a stack and Senator Rand Paul says Bitcoin could become the reserve currency of the world. I know that each time I stack sats now, I’m getting fewer for more £’s. We have the luxury of buying when we can now, others will have to buy because they have to. We’re still early and can front-run the institutions, but that is beginning to change.

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Hi Frenchy, my feeling is that it might be twice as hard by February!